Dear Mr. Walkenborough,

it has come to our attention that the Sultan of Sadwa will visit the city of Khartoum in April. Due to the highly political nature of the conflict brewing in the German protectorates, I sincerely request that The Imperial Observer will provide a faithful report of the visit.

Yours, Dr. Watkins, Town of Abova

Dear Dr. Watkins,

The Imperial Observer prides itself in providing objective coverage of all significant events of political, military and even cultural nature that take place on this dark continent. Mr. Hopkins of our Khartoum office will be providing a detailed reportage

An old way is better than ten new hockus pockus methods. This has been proven while training the askaris by the English military methods.

After ten hour drill exercises, a normally sluggish askaris were now able to perform a perfect salute and march in a double line.

God save the Queen!

After an uneventful three months in the military front, a fierce skirmish broke out near K'Hartua eight days ago.

Reverend Randolf Carter, a missionary and highly acclaimed poetry critic, clashed with the troops of notorious slave trader Abd al Azrad near the plains of K'Hartua.

Abd al Azrad, shown in the picture below, is notorious for his cruelty towards captured slaves and for his harem harlots, that are known to satisfy any demonic instinct of the barbaric heathen.

Reverend Randolf Carter and his explorer friends Herbert West and Titus Crow were enroute from converting yet another pagan pygmy village to the light of Christianity, when they were waylaid by Abd al Azrad troops.

A fierce and tenuous battle ensued lasting close to an hour. Both parties first resorted to assessing the capabilities and weaponry of the opposing side and first moments of the battle were spent in maneuvering.

The Reverend and his troops demonstrated the power of military training in a formidable way. A company of late arriving askaris were gunned down by a straight lines of muskets as the askaris charged futily. The open plains in middle of the opponents plaid to the favor of Reverend Carter due to higher accuracy and range of superior British weaponry. One down for the military engineers of Queen Victoria's army!

Although the troops of al Azrad were intimated by this demonstration of force, they managed to pull their ranks together. Another surprise troop of swordsmen appeared in the thick jungle to bolster diminishing ranks.

The positions of each side were locked for sometime. Although the firing range of the Reverends troops which vastly superior, al Azrad's troop took excellent use of the landscape by hiding behind bushes, tall grass and tree trunks.

The resolution to the skirmish came eventually from sheer resolve of Reverend Carter. After quoting scripture from the Holy Bible, his booming voice carried his askaris to wild charge towards the al Azrad, his harlot and their porters.

Although al Azrad himself slew a number of askaris in close combat and his loyal swordsmen did their best to cut off the charge, a few brave natives made it through the barrier of blades and captured half of the porters.

This was the final blow to the already disillusioned troops of al Azrad. All of the few remaining troops panicked and fled the battleground.

When asked for comment, Reverend Carter had this to say "The Holy Book and the cold steel of Remington have never failed me". Titus Crow was quick to add "We made damn sure that those slave traders will not bother us anymore. I'd just say, that al Azrad doesn't have the balls for it anymore."

The victorious troops. Reverend Carter on the right, Titus Crow on the left.

Special feature

Using advanced satellite digital photography technology captured using our exclusive time machine technology, we are able to offer our 19th century readers a special feature: The battle sequence of the Skirmish at K'Hartua


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